How To Check Your Home’s Construction Quality: Because It Matters!

If you plan to buy a house or want to invest in a real estate property, you would indeed be looking for an under-construction project since you will get the flexibility of making the payments and you might also get exciting deals in many projects. With so many residential projects in Thane and several other locations in Mumbai, it is hard to decide which one is the best for you. Therefore, it becomes imperative for you to visit the construction site and assess the quality of the house or flat you will buy.

The following are some points you can use to check the construction quality.

Check the Soil and Concrete Mix

Soil is the most crucial element used in construction as the building’s load-bearing capacity depends on it. Therefore, you must do its quality check first. Black cotton soil and clay-rich soil tend to expand and shrink depending on the quantity of moisture. Therefore, these types of soil are not recommended to use for construction purposes.

The strength of concrete determines the load-bearing capacity of a structure. However, it isn’t easy to measure the strength of concrete every time. So, it is advisable to use ready-mix concrete.

Inspect the Structure Design and Wall Thickness

You can take the help of an expert to determine the structural design of the building. That can help in assessing how much magnitude of an earthquake the building can resist.

During your inspection, make sure that you measure the wall’s thickness to later tally it with the thickness mentioned by the developer in the layout agreements. You can also determine the quality of the builder’s material by tapping the wall and noticing how hollow the sound is. You can also use a pointy object to try making a hole in the wall. If you’re successful, that means the quality of the material is low.

Ensure Safety Checks

It is essential to make various safety checks. The most important quality check is to see if there are any cracks on the wall or if the paint is peeling off or not. There should be a proper fire exit, and the stairway must be wide enough for two people to run together in case of an emergency.

There have been many instances when the elevator in a building has fallen, resulting in many casualties. Although many of the luxury flats in Thane by reputed builders such as The Dynamix Group make sure that everything is of high quality, as they have a reputation and legacy of 50 years.

If you make the above quality checks, you will be confident that your investment will be fruitful. Regular checks will ensure a safe place for your family to live in.

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