5 Techy Home Devices That Are Worth The Investment This 2019

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Many homeowners would love to turn their home into a smarter one. The good news is, smart home devices are now more affordable than they were in the past. You get to choose from many variants in the market, making it much easier for you to turn your home into a smarter house.

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However, a limited budget is often one of the reasons that delay our plans for upgrading our house. But did you know that you can apply for home loans Houston and use the funds to finance your smart home upgrade? That’s right. There are home loans Houston geared in helping homeowners make their dream home improvement projects a reality.

But which smart home devices are worth the investment? Here are five features you should consider investing in before the year ends.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances offer a high ROI than the standard ones in the market. Not only are these sleek looking appliances easy on the eyes, but they also provide energy-efficiency features, which in turn helps reduce energy costs. Wow your family and guests with state of the art appliances smarter than the common ones in the market.

Smart Lighting

Why settle for anything less than smart lighting when upgrading your home? Automated LED lighting offers tons of perks. They are energy-efficient, lasts longer, cost-effective, and also adds value to your home. You get the chance to set timers, dim your lights quickly, control your lighting remotely, and even with the use of voice control.

Smart Sprinklers

When you have a beautiful lawn and a gorgeous landscape to take care of, installing smart sprinklers is always a must. These are not only energy efficient but water-efficient as well, saving you up to 50% water usage each month. You can program your sprinkler automatically, so you don’t have to do it yourself every single time. You can also adjust it according to the weather, stopping its operation during rainy days and resuming the sprinkling as needed.

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Smart Home Security Cameras

Whether you plan on selling your home after a few years or just wants to make your home more secure, smart home security cameras should be on your list. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can check on your home anytime, wherever you may be. Intruders will hesitate to trespass on your property once they see security cameras installed in your home. If anything happens, you can always check on the recording, and it will help you decipher what occurred during the time you were not home.

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Smart Locks

Another added security is smart locks for your front door. You can lock and unlock your doors automatically without needing a key that’s easy to lose. You can also program the lock to allow entrance to individuals you want to grant access to your property.

Whenever you choose a home improvement project, make sure it won’t only add beauty and increase comfort and convenience in your home. The best home improvement projects are those that offer a higher ROI. The above mentioned smart home devices are definitely worth the investment. They won’t only add value to your home, but can also help you in the long run since these are energy-efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly as well.

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